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Acuvue Dailies Total 1


DAILIES TOTAL1® Contact Lenses: The First & Only Water Gradient Contact Lenses.

  • DAILIES TOTAL1® is the perfect choice when looking for both superior comfort and breathability.
  • After a 4 week comfort rating clinical study, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1=poor and 10=excellent, the average subjective rating stayed well above a 9 even after the end of the day!
  • Manufactured by Alcon, formerly CibaVision.

Silicone hydrogel material with low water content delivers superior oxygen transmissibility Ultrasoft, hydrophilic surface gel is designed to offer exceptional lubricity Contact lenses contain phosphatidylcholine, an ingredient also found in natural tears.

What are the best contact lenses for dry eye?

The best contact lenses for dry eye are:

  • Soft Hydrogel lenses with low water content soft lenses are often high in water content which encourages the lens to soak up more moisture and tears leading to dry eye. Choosing a lens with a lower water content and surface coating will lessen this process and diminish the lens sucking the tears from the eye.
  • Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses the technology behind silicone hydrogel lenses means that to maintain shape and optical effectiveness, these lenses require oxygen rather than water. This is known as oxygen permeability, which reduces the need for the lens to soak up the tears and moisture in the eyes. Different silicon hydrogel lenses have various treatments to the lens surface and matrix to reduce drying and make the lenses more hydrophilic.
  • Daily disposables Some daily wear lenses contain extra moisturising agents within the matrix of the lens, which releases moisture on each blink. This keeps the lens hydrated and reduces the need to absorb tears from the eyes.

DAILIES TOTAL1® Contact Lenses Are The Perfect Choice IF You Have Dry Eyes Syndrome

Here’s why: A silicone hydrogel daily contact lens with low water content. The delefilcon A material means that the lenses have a high degree of comfort and oxygen permeability and are designed to provide all day moistness and freshness. The lens has a variable water content with a lower water content in the center of the lens whilst the outer most surface has a water content that approaches the cornea’s natural water content. This means that the surface of the Total 1 lens has a particularly high degree of lubricity or slipperiness. This results in a high degree of comfort and oxygen permeability and are designed to provide all day moistness and freshness. Because of the increased lubricity totally dry fingers are essential to successfully remove these lenses from your eye.

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